Jay Lowe is the Managing Partner of an architectural sign company with operations in Norcross & Peachtree Corners along with several other small businesses in Peachtree Corners. This district is more than just a place he resides; this is the place he has made his home, it’s where he worships with his family, where he works and runs his businesses, and where his kids attend school. Jay is invested in the future of this community. He believes we must be careful in the coming years to protect the community from a downward trend that has taken place in some nearby areas.

We must get the professional politicians out of politics.

We must get the professional politicians out of politics.

Jay is committed to being a responsive and community focused State Representative. His cell phone number (404-272-2633) will remain published and available so that anyone who has concerns can call or text him at any time. We need community oriented citizens to represent us at the State Capitol.

jay-and-jill-lowe-peachtree-corners-johns-creek-berkley-lake-norcross-state-houseJay and his wife, Jill, have four beautiful daughters. He serves on the Simpsonwood Park Master Planning Committee and was formerly the President of the Peachtree Station Homeowners Association. He served as a founding member on the Peachtree Corners City Council. He is a former elite swimmer, triathlete, and competitive cyclist.

The Lowe’s are active members at Simpsonwood United Methodist Church.